Pallet Trucks Vs Pallet Stacker

Pallet Trucks are small machines which are used to carry small weights around. The pallet stacker is an automatically programmed machine which receives and stacks pallets. A debate on which one is better might certainly help in drawing the line about the superiority of one over the other. The pallet trucks are used everywhere. They enjoy a special status in the industrial and manufacturing sectors as there is a lot of raw material and small items that have to be taken around. These machines ensure that once everything gets loaded onto the blades, the body can be pushed from behind and the wheels ensure that it can be taken wherever one wants. A hand pallet truck accepts all sorts of style containers and hence serves the purpose well. The reach over is minimum, which ensures that the person pushing it does not feel any form of discomfort.

The pallet stacker is a type of pallet jack used for help lifting, moving and stacking palletized goods that might be too heavy to lift manually. The main purpose behind using the pallet stackers is loading and unloading pallets on trucks and transferring pallets from one location to the other. The other location might be a storage area or might even be a warehouse. Pallet trucks are made up of heavy duty materials and have the ability to withstand extreme weights and heavy daily use. Pallet stackers can be operated from a seated position. Manual stackers and powered stackers are the two types available. The forks of the machine slide under the pallets. They are able to move and lift it to a certain height. Depending on the size, these stackers have the ability to lift weight up to 5 tons or 5000 kilograms.


Fact is that both the pallets and Tabel Trucks have their own importance in industrial outfits. They come in various shapes and sizes and hence, differ in lift height, weight and fork width. The stackers help in lifting weight and loading it onto a third party machine where as the trucks help in carrying the load to the place where it ought to be kept. A comparison would be unfair. Both have their own space, and both get used for different purposes. One cannot act as a substitute for the other.

Places where goods keep coming in and get loaded require the use of both. The stacker helps in lifting heavy load and unloading the same where as the truck helps in dragging. Depending on the size and capacity of both, the amount of weight that can be loaded and carried keeps varying. The capacity is mentioned on the machine and accordingly the weight has to be put on or loaded. One cannot keep piling up and at the same time, would be very foolish not to optimally make use of the given capacity. The operational processes have become easier ever since they both have come into the picture and productivity has considerably increased.

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