Celebrity Facelifts When Too Much Isn T Enough

Submitted by: David H. Rogers

If you look at some celebrities and their obviously overdone facelift procedures you have to ask yourself why? Why would these seemingly intelligent individuals subject themselves to such extreme changes? Many of them more than once. It is if they can t see themselves in the mirror. It is understandable that they feel compelled to hang on to their youth and their beauty; however, the extremes of some of their surgeries result in just the opposite. They don’t look young or attractive they simply look bizarre. This is the antithesis of what plastic surgery is all about. Plastic surgery is designed to repair and correct. A facelift procedure does a remarkable job in turning back the clock. Up to about 10 years, as a matter of fact. When you think about it, which is pretty amazing. But to continually have procedures to the point that your face is all but unrecognizable just doesn’t make sense. One has to wonder at the motivation behind such unnecessary surgery.

If you look at the comedian Joan Rivers, even though she jokes about it, she has had so many Facebook procedures that her face looks ultra stretched, and it appears as though it is hard for her to even smile. Everyone knows how bizarre she looks; the media is full of publications and video about it. It either doesn’t register on her, she doesn’t really care, or she actually thinks she looks good, which is an indication that she may have lost her sense reality.


Michael Jackson was another celebrity who went to extremes. This unfortunate pop star, so gifted, just couldn’t seem to stop having facial procedures. Ultimately it looked as if his nose was all but gone. He was clearly not happy, with his appearance, or other aspects of his life. He lived a peculiar and freakish existence and ultimately paid the highest price. His legacy of music is incredible however, no article is ever written about him without some mention of the extreme changes to his face. Sadly, he won’t just be remembered for his music.

A facelift procedure in the hands of a competent plastic surgeon is quite effective. While it does leave small telltale scars, a competent surgeon will minimize the scarring. Advancements in techniques have made the procedure even more effective. Once you have the procedure, it should last you for about 10 years if you take good care of your face. Aging doesn’t stop, so at some point you may want to have more work done. But it is utter foolishness to continue having facelifts before you need them. Even with a facelift procedure you can still age with graceful style.

Fame has its perks and advantages. These celebrities can afford the very best plastic surgeons that money can buy. And yet often they make the various botched plastic surgery lists. The most important aspect of any cosmetic procedure is choosing the right facelift surgeon. They need to be highly skilled, experienced with the procedure, and willing to strongly advise you against certain procedures if you don’t need them.

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