Grow Backyard Garden Sweet Corn

Grow Backyard Garden Sweet Corn


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A good tasting ear of sweet corn shouldn t taste like sugar it should taste like sweet corn. It seems like every year at the garden center or the catalog advertizes a sweeter corn than last years. After you grow backyard garden sweet corn isn’t sweet enough it might have a lot to do with what it was grown in.

Begin by using good seeds buy a brand name you know and are familiar this is part of where the problem can originate. You will have to have large spot and with deep soil to be able to grow backyard garden sweet corn. Begin preparing your soil in the fall by applying an inch of compost or rotted and turn in to the soil with a garden fork. To encourage worm activity mulch before freeze.


In spring remove mulch and let the soil heat up plant when soil is 60 degrees or it wouldn’t germinate. Sow the seeds 1 inch deep and 8 inches apart. Corn is a heavy eater particularly of nitrogen water regularly and fertilize every 2 weeks a complete organic fertilizer such as fish emulsion.

Distinguishing characteristics of sweet corn are tender kernels at maturity and refined a favor. The standard sweet corn is best cooked soon after picking from your backyard garden because it remains sweet for only a few days. If you are into a sweeter variety there is one called super sweet than can last 14 days longer but requires warm soil and added moisture just to germinate. Plant every 2 to 3 week for a continued harvest.

Plant then thin to 10 to 14 inches between plants. If you leave too close you might end up with a crop of nubbins. Water regular nearly daily to keep moist and fertilize with fish emulsion. As a rule corn is ready to harvest after first silk appears and become brown and dry when nearly ready to harvest also the ear should feel full beneath the husk or open the husk and press a kernel if to spurts a milky juice it is at its peak of ripeness and the top ear ripens sooner than the bottom one.

Very soon after picking corn from your backyard garden the sugar in the corn begins turning into starch. Some people like to pick their dinner corn a few minutes before it gets put in a pot. It is believed that this method keeps it sweeter I would think so too. There are many varieties the best way to select a variety is to focus on flavor, ears per stalk and rows per year

Give these popular favorites a try Sugar Buns a favorite yellow its only weakness is the need for warm soil at planting. For a good white corn try Silver Queen big ears with tender kernels requires a minimum soil temperature of 55 degrees

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