The Pros And Cons Of Non Surgical Face Lift

By Dr Tyng Tan

Cosmetic surgery isn’t always the answer to improving the way you look through facial skin rejuvenation. Face lift may sound so promising but non-surgical face lift can also give you impressive results. So let us go over the pros and cons of a non-invasive treatment to help you decide whether it is better option for you or not.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Pros

The one thing that makes people choose non-invasive face lift is that of course it does not require any incising and wounds. With that being said, there will be no wounds or scars which place you at risk for infection and other serious complications.

Non-surgical face lift treatments like adapting a good skin care regimen will give you a longer lasting effect that is safer in the long run. Since it is best to balance that regiment with the right nutrition to nourish the skin, not only will you keep your skin pretty but healthy as well. Beauty that is rooted skin deep is something that does not easily fade.

Some people also has reservations when it comes to anesthesia which is why they are shinning themselves from surgical face lifts. But this is for a good reason too because anesthetics can also pose a serious health threat especially without proper assessment and monitoring. In addition to this, some individuals are also allergic to anesthesia making it really hard for them to go through with any invasive surgery and opt for alternatives.


Another thing that makes non-surgical face lifts is that they have milder side effects such as redness, slight and temporary discolorations to name a few. Compared to surgical interventions where side effects could range from difficulty breathing to botched results. This can even lead to more serious complications such as bleeding.

Non-surgical face lift also is easier to maintain and are widely available. For instance you can apply creams, serums and toners on your own, and you can find them almost on any store.

Non-surgical face lift machines such as Thermage and Mosaic offers painless procedures, which gives patients a better treatment experience.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Cons

One of the disadvantages of non-invasive treatments for skin rejuvenation is that they don’t usually give the same results as surgical treatment. The effects are subtle and this treatment option is more suited for those who do not need that much work done on them. So for those who may have a more serious skin concerns, they might want to opt for a more aggressive treatment than this. Most doctors would recommend a surgical face lift in this case.

The results of non-surgical face lift may have the tendency to easily wane, especially when it is not maintained properly. There should be proper follow through and discipline if you want to have significant results.

Non-surgical face lift may be a hassle for those who do not have the time to keep up with the skin regimen. It may also be costly in the long run, if you compare it to a one time surgery with a reputable surgeon. This will certainly be a big chunk off your budget.

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