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GE MRI Chiller is a sophisticated chiller that can be utilized in high powered MRI machine as well as latest diagnostic tool. The main functionality of Replacement CT Chiller is to cool down power source and lasers. Basically, it utilizes large amounts of energy and even need regular care and maintenance as well. Some engineering mangers do not have idea about chillers, their maintenance, and functionality. Due to this reason, it becomes very expensive nowadays.

There are many manufactures in the market providing GE MRI Chiller at a reasonable cost. Direct Medical Imaging is one of them. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable Bill Yovic and Bill Erbes have been established Direct Medical Imaging with the aim to provide sensible equipment solution as well as sustainable service options to the medical imaging market. This highly experienced Industry leader company offers Refurbished CT equipments, GE MRI Chiller, Medical Chiller and other MRI equipments. At Direct Medical Imaging, we always ready to provide affordable and sensitive solution to old and even new customers by using our expertness and perfect level of technology. It also offers a Replacement CT Chiller at a very reasonable price.


This renowned company offers a Medical Chiller of all size starting from 3 tons to 5 ton to 7.5 ton to 10 ton to 15 tons or more. Customers who really wish to replace their old high maintenance GE MRI Chillers can easily purchase American made chillers. Generally, all chillers of Direct Medical Imaging are available in 230V or 460V. They are available in different designs such as condenser, water pump, compressor, tank and evaporator in a complete cabinet. We ship your Replacement CT Chiller after checking, testing and inspecting whole equipment. Customers get this medical equipment with water piping and refrigeration connection, so they do not need any extra assembly. With the purchase of the product, you will also get wired remote controller for the purpose of installation in a control room.

At Direct Medical Imaging, packaged chiller has standard structure as well as safe & secure features. The most advantage to take GE MRI Chillers from our company is that customers can easily custom their design and even modify their chosen medical equipment. We have high quality of equipment from all manufactures including Philips, GE, Siemens and more. We also offer application training on purchase of new equipments like a Medical Chiller. Besides of all these medical equipment, we provide power solution, parts service and maintenance service for almost manufactures. We at Direct Medical Imaging always ready to provide service without any hassle and problem including all parts and labor services. If you are really looking for appropriate and trustworthy company to purchase chillers and even Replacement CT Chiller then DMI (Direct Medical Imaging) is the best one. Take advantage of it no even if you are new customer.

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