Is Vaginal Surgery The Next Cosmetic Fad?

By Daniel Millions

Unbeknown to most adult film buffs, the models on the screen are likely a victim of labiaplasty. This vaginal plastic surgery technique is essentially a way to beautify the vagina something that is mandatory for multi million dollar adult films. Still other operations seek to surgically tighten the vagina- making sex much more pleasing to both partners, and also defying aging.

What about the average soccer mom can these surgeries adapt to apply to off screen females too?

The Mechanics of Labiaplasty:

Labiaplasty seeks to fix any protruding inner-vaginal labia from sticking outside of the vagina. The fact that not all women are perfect, and that many will experience aging effects sooner than they’d like, means that a labiaplasty may be the only solution to save a dying sexual relationship.

A labiaplasty operation will essentially cut and reshape any extended inner vaginal tissue. This operation, like all incision-based surgeries, will create a certain amount of scarring. This scarring can, in some cases, reduce sexual stimulation- but the effects are usually minimal.


The real kicker is that labiaplasty operations aren’t just for Hollywood anymore- it seems every soccer mom and even younger ladies are requesting these operations be performed. Much of this labiaplasty craze does, in fact, originate from Hollywood itself.

When a woman sees a perfectly sculpted vagina, there is a lot of room for jealously to take over. Labiaplasty operations are performed largely in part to poor self-esteem, but also in desperation to save failing sex lives.

What to Expect From Vaginal Tightening Surgery:

The largest group of women who obtain vaginal tightening surgery is, of course, women who have had children. During birth, the vagina is stretched to vast proportions.

This stretching will effectively make the woman much looser something that the female’s partner will not enjoy. The cosmetic look of the vagina after a child birth is also much less appealing- another sex life killer.

Vaginal tightening surgery seeks to take out excess skin around the vagina, and then sculpting it to be closer to the vagina of a teenager than an aging woman that’s had several kids. But like the labiaplasty, this procedure will cut several nerves and possibly cause scar tissue to form. This, in effect, may cause some loss of feeling in certain areas of the vagina. It should be noted, however, that this loss is usually quite small.

Impact on Sexual Relationships Is it Worth the Price Tag?:

An unhealthy sexual relationship is created when one or both partners lose interest or feeling in sex. This leads to unhappiness, lowered self esteem, and even depression. Both surgeries mentioned above allow women of all types to bypass this depressing nightmare- and retain the sex life that makes the relationship special.

Logically, an unhappy partner makes both partners unhappy in the bedroom. In this case, the price tag associated with a labiaplasty or vaginal tightening surgery is more than worth it. Obviously, pornography stars will also get a lot of use out of these surgeries- most of them making the money back in no time at all.

While some relationships are perfectly fine with aging, the majority of women will find that this isn’t always true. To help keep things fresh, exciting, and new- women are turning to these surgeries in record numbers. Soccer moms rejoice; vaginal surgery isn’t just for porn stars anymore.

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