Atlanta Dentists: Abolishing Myths And Folk Beliefs About Tooth Discoloration

Atlanta Dentists: Abolishing Myths and Folk Beliefs about Tooth Discoloration


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When the world bequeathed goodness and beauty to humans, I was probably asleep, this is a humorous response when people are asked about their crooked and discolored teeth. Tooth discoloration is one of the most common dental problems today. In Atlanta, patients undergo bleaching and whitening procedures to restore their tooth color. After all, a discolored tooth is not innate; it is caused by various external factors.

Tooth discoloration is caused by coffee and chocolate stains, cigarette residues, and plaques. Sugar substances and smoke dregs stick to the tooth surface, tainting the enamel if not removed immediately. Tooth discoloration needs immediate treatment before it gets worse. Otherwise, sugar and cigarette residues may cause tooth decay. Tooth decay further develops, ultimately leading to tooth loss.

In-office whitening is meant to remove teeth discoloration before it causes further problems. During treatment, dentists apply high-concentration peroxide gel on the teeth. Peroxide gel enriches the enamel, leaving the teeth whitened and bleached. Dentists apply paint-on rubber dams on the gums to protect it from the peroxide solution. Mild discoloration can be treated with a single session by applying an adequate amount of peroxide gel at 15 to 20 minute intervals.


Severe tooth discoloration can be treated with supplementary whitening.

Atlanta cosmetic dentists

can provide professional take-home whitening kits. These whitening kits contain a small amount of peroxide gel, which is applied on the teeth in controlled levels. This prevents over-whitening and damage on the gums. Peroxide is applied using custom-made bleaching trays, which look like mouth guards.

In-office treatment can be expensive;

Atlanta cosmetic dentists

charge as much as $650 for a one-time in-office treatment. Therefore, some patients resort to over-the-counter whitening treatment, which are available at drugstores. A single kit contains a less potent peroxide gel, some whitening strips and paint-on applicators. Although they are a lot cheaper, this kind of teeth whitening takes a long time, and the results are not always guaranteed.


Atlanta cosmetic dentist

can tell you which tooth whitening procedure is the best for you. If they think that the discoloration is not that serious, he or she could recommend an over-the-counter kit. For more serious cases, in-office treatment will most likely be recommended.

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